AAA Pump and Drilling specializes in water pump and storage systems.  We have been designing, installing and servicing Pump and Storage systems since the company opened its doors in 1960.

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The installation, service and replacement of pumps require specialized skill and equipment.

The crux of any water system is the pump, whether it is the well pump or a booster pump.  If this element of a water system fails no other parts may function at a satisfactory level.  With this in mind AAA Pump and Drilling always takes the necessary time to make sure that the pump installed is the correct pump.  Having an improperly sized pump can cause a variety of issues within your water system.

If you’re having issues with your submersible well pump, centrifugal pump, or booster pump, we at AAA Pump and Drilling have the resources and the expertise to get the job done with upfront pricing.

When considering AAA Pump and Drilling you can choose in confidence knowing that:

  • We have all the right tools to get the job done
  • If you have a unique project no worries!  We can fabricate specialized equipment to meet your project’s needs.
  • We make sure to complete a full diagnostic on your pump to ensure there are no other issues causing an out of water situation.
  • No gimmicks or surprises, upfront pricing and we stand behind our work!


What does a pump replacement include?

Depending on your system and its needs a pump replacement may include the removal and replacement of all the existing components down a well.  This would include your well pump, drop pipe, and wire.  Typically if a well pump has been installed for more than 15 years it is recommended to replace all of the components in the well if the pump has been pulled.  AAA Pump and Drilling’s steps typically look like this:

  • Initial diagnostic and overall system assessment- You have an issue or issues with your pump(s).  We complete our diagnostic work on the system to determine what the cause of the issue or issues may be.  Our diagnostic work is usually completed within about 30 minute on site.
  • Consultation- We come up with a plan and give you pricing on what it will take to get your system up and running.  This ranges from repairs as simple as a pressure switch to complete system overhauls.  Also, we always break down our pricing.
  • Repairs and installations- Once you have reviewed our bid and given us the go ahead to move forward we complete the project.  We honor time commitments and budgets.
  • New system installations- If you are looking to have a new system installed, have had a system engineered and need bids or simply have questions on budgeting for your project we can help!


What does service on my storage cover?

If you have s storage system with a booster pump there are likely a series of interconnected systems relying on one another.  Float switches, well pump protectors, pressure system components all work together to keep water coming to your home.  When one of these areas of the system fails your storage system may stop delivering water.  A service call to look over your storage system will cover all of these areas.  Some things to consider when looking to have work completed on your storage system:

  • Age- How old is the storage system?  What material is my storage tank made out of?  Is my storage system bacteria free? Will I be looking at replacing any major components soon?  We can help you answer these questions and offer solutions as well!
  • Service history- If you haven’t had your system serviced in a long time, a good option to help avoid unforeseen expenses is to have an annual inspection completed.  This also serves as a good track record should you ever go to sell your home.
  • Booster pump replacement- The pump that re-pressurizes your stored water is called a ‘booster pump’.  Often in King County this pump is also the fire suppression pump.  Annual inspections on this pump are a worthwhile investment as well as establishing a budget for its replacement.


If are have questions about your system, need service work, need a pump or multiple pumps replaced or just want to know how your system works, Contact us today and schedule a Service call!