How can I determine if I need a new well pump?

The best way to determine if your well pump is in need of replacement is to call AAA Pump and Drilling and schedule a service call.  The variables that exist that can cause a well pump system to not function properly are numerous.  The most common of which are related to the electrical performance of the well pump.  This diagnostic work takes training and often specialized equipment to complete properly.

How can I determine if my water is safe to drink?

This is one of the most common questions we get, whether on the job site or by email.  The best place to start when it comes to ensuring your water quality is at the well itself.  Does your well meet local and state code for well construction and setbacks?  Along with answering these questions, taking water samples in the correct method and promptly delivering them to a lab.  These are the first steps in determining the safety of your drinking water.

How much does it cost to install a new pump or a booster pump?

Unfortunately there is no straightforward answer for this.  Factors such as well depth, age of the existing components and over all power/production that will be needed come into play when determining the cost of a pump replacement.

What can I do to make sure that work on my system doesn’t get too costly?

The best thing to do to keep service work costs down is to keep the area or areas were work is to be completed clean and easily accessible.  If components are difficult to access or reach, costs typically increase.  Also allowing the space and area where components associated with your water system are installed to become disorderly will often affect the overall condition of those components as well.  Leading to premature failure and increased service costs.

Can I provide the pump and other materials and pay for AAA Pump to install it?

Yes.  We will install products that are supplied by our Customers.  Any parts supplied by our Customers will not be warrantied by AAA Pump and Drilling.  There are factors that change from project to project so if you desire to supply some or all of the components for your project contact AAA Pump and Drilling to help determine what the best options are for you.

I want to install water filtration and purification equipment, where do I start?

The best place to start is having your water tested.  Contact AAA Pump and Drilling and let us know if you have specific complaints about your water quality.  Whether it is odor, color, failed bacteria test and anything else.  From there we can help you develop a plan and design a water purification system tailored to your specific water needs.

What could make a well pump or booster pump suffer catastrophic failure prematurely?

A common issue that can arise in pump installations is over sizing a well pump or booster pump.  This can over stress the internal workings of the pump.  This happens when the oversized motor drives the impellers into the pump housing.  This effect is known as up-thrust.  When this happens the impellers experience increased wear and the motor runs at a high amp draw caused by the dragging of the impellers.  All this results in a pump that performs poorly from the day it is installed and suffers a premature failure.  This issue is almost always avoidable when time is taken to ensure that the pump installed is the correct one.

This is just one example of what can take place when the details or are overlooked. 

Do I need to have a well Inspected before I buy a home with a well?

The obligation to have a well inspected is likely something that a lender would insist upon.  But even then exactly what does this all entail?  What should you have tested?  We at AAA Pump and Drilling believe that having a well inspection completed before purchasing a home is an essential part of the buyer's due diligence.  Well systems can incur a lot costs associated with regular maintenance and incorrect installations.